Synthesis New Liquid Selective Electrodes of Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride for Determination Ciprofloxacin in Pure form and Pharmaceuticals Preparation.


New membrane electrodes for determination of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride were prepared depending on ciprofloxacin hydrochloride - phosphotungstic acid (CFH-PT) as an active material and these electrodes were made with three plasticizers: Di-octylphenylphosphonate(DOPH), Di-butyl phosphate (DBP)Tri-n-butyl phosphate(TBP), in PVC matrix. One of the ciprofloxacin electrodes was gave Nernstian slope equal to 57.21 mV/ decade for DOPH membrane with concentration range from 1.5×10-5 to1.0×10-1 M, and detection limit equal to 1.5×10-6 M .Lifetime was 93 days. Non- Nernstian responses equal to 39.40 and 30.70 mV/ decade for membranes DBP, TBP, respectively. These electrodes were gave concentration range from 1.0× 10-5 to 1.0×10-2 and from 4.0×10-5 to 1.0×10-2 M,respectively. Detection limits were 7.0×10-6, and 1.7×10-6M, respectively. Lifetimes were 5,2 days, respectively. Also selectivity, influence of PH and samples analysis of ciprofloxacin in a pharmaceutical preparations were studied.