The inhibitory effect of Lactobacillus on siderophore production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (in vitro).


Probiotic are alive microorganisms presented in food and dietary supplements, probiotics beneficially affect the individual by improving the intestinal microbial balance properties . This study revealed anew pathway of siderophore attenuation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, using Lactobacillus. Out of forty P. aeruginosa isolates , 20 isolates were siderophore produced , Cell free supernatant (CFS) and Cell free culture (CFC) of Lactobacillus the antimicrobial agent were able to produce zones of inhibition against P. aeruginosa growth in average (8-15 mm) and (9-15 mm) by CFS and CFC respectively .These antimicrobial agent also were able to attenuate the pathogenicity of P. aeruginosa by prevent its ability to siderophore production.