Cartographic analysis of the Buffers on Kinder garten education service the city of Bagubah in the city of Baquba for the year 2015


Maps are different kinds of geographic tools and effective method in the study of different geographical facts, , in particular drawing maps showing the educational ranges for government and private Kindergarten stages which are urgent necessities to study the reality of this service and its importance for the inhabitants of the city of Baquba neighborhoods . Modern techniques were used in mapping the educational scales for government and private Kindergarten in terms of their geographical distribution on neighborhoods of the city and mapping educational ranges for these Kindergartens and deficit map for kindergartens in the city in addition to the number of tables in order to come to know the suitability of this distribution, patterns and adequacy for the inhabitants of the city as expressed in a number of maps and use appropriate cartographic methods to draw In order to deliver information to the reader easily.