Flexural Behavior of Reactive Powder Concrete with Hybrid Section TBeams


Reactive powder concrete (RPC) is unique of the newest and greatest significantimprovements in constructions field , it has usual excessive kindness happeningcurrent duration in the world owing toward its higher concrete properties , greatductility, durability, imperfect shrinkage penalties, great opposition to corrosionand abrasion. In this experimental investigation is carried out on the way torevision the flexural behavior of RPC with Hybrid Section T- Beams and themechanical properties of this construction material. The experimental programincluded testing five beams to examine the things of steel fiber volumetric ratio,silica fume ratio, tensile steel ratio, hybrid section on flexural performance of RPCT-beams. The study was focused on determining the first crack load (Pcr), ultimateflexural strength (Pu), ultimate deflection (Δu), load-deflection behavior, letdownmode, strain supply across the depth of the beams and crack pattern at failure. Theeffects of steel fiber volumetric ratio and silica fume ratio were also considered instudying the mechanical properties of RPC mixes. Moreover, a study of hybridbeams exhibited that expending RPC happening web and normal concrete inflange efficiently enhances the enactment of T- beams in comparison with normalconcrete T-beams and also studying hybrid beams exhibited that expending RPChappening flange and normal concrete in web efficiently enhances the enactmentof T- beams in comparison with normal concrete T-beams