The right of individuals to challenge the unconstitutionality


Granting of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005 under Article (93 /3) the right of individuals to protect their rights if they have been violated By stipulating that those concerned individuals the right to direct appeal to the Court on issues that arise from the application of federal laws meant direct appeal possibility for asylum individuals directly to the Federal Supreme Court of strife provision of the Act, claiming breach a constitutional text. And that kind of constitutional litigation, which is based on an abstract self-rule in the constitution concerning the contested provisions unconstitutional is highlighting the characteristics of self-constitutional lawsuit It is worth mentioning that the nature of the kind of constitutional lawsuit does not benefit to Zuma decomposition of direct self-interest clause, This, however, is clear and explicit for the legislative side, since limited the right of direct appeal to individuals with respect, while the judicial situation in which the type of conflict, as time refers to the granting of individual non stakeholders the right of direct appeal of unconstitutionality, and again It restricts the right of direct appeal to individuals with respect.