Find boils down to is marked with hope and its relationship in a manner to solve problems and achieve goals at the swimming coaches


As the researchers in this search for a solution-focused problem in the following question: Is that the hopes and aspirations of the individual is a means to achieve its objectives and requirements? Is that hope and achieve the goals of changing the way coaches in dealing with the problems? To reach the search results assume the researcher that the research sample enjoys a high degree of hope and achieving goals, and handle problems, and I suppose that as well as there are statistically significant correlation between research variables three have coaches swimming at the club Central Euphrates provinces achieve the goals of research that a non-recognition hope and achieve goals, and create and modify standards required for the measured, as well as to identify the style of solving problems with the coaches swimming at clubs Euphrates, and to identify the nature of the relationship between hope and the style of solving problems and achieving goals, and using the descriptive approach to a sample (19) swimming coach in the clubs, provinces Euphrates, and for that the researchers hope using and modifying the standards and style of problem solving as well as achieving the intended goals in advance, following the necessary measures to amend the scientific steps By the end of these measures we had a measure of hope for a component of (33) items, and the measure of the style of problem solving consists of 40 items, and scale to achieve Created goals (32) paragraph, after the application of standards on a sample search and data processing statistically researchers arrive at conclusions which, the research sample acceptable degree of hope prompt them to continue to make an effort in order to achieve the goals of the club and their goals, and the advantage of the trainers in the clubs, the Central Euphrates provinces also a good degree of ability to solve problems and take the odds and overcome the obstacles they face.