Image Encryption Based on Fractal Geometry and Chaotic Map


Data security has become a critical issue nowadays. Sensitive data needs to be hidden from unauthorized users. In recent years, various types of images are stored and transmitted via internet. This make maintains the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of images are a major task. Many techniques have been proposed to image encryption for the secure transmission of these images. One of the effective key of the image encryption is the using of fractal images because of the random and chaotic nature of fractals. This paper presents a proposed technique for image encryption based on fractal geometry and chaotic map. The proposed method includes encryption of color image at three stages. At first stage, the plain input image is encrypted by using the concepts of fractal geometry. In the second stage, the same picture is encrypted using the one-dimensional logistic mapping functions to generate a random image depend on the randomness nature of logistic function. Finally, in the third stage, the output encrypted images of the above two stages is merge by using the X-OR operation to generate the final encrypted image with high security attributes. Experimental results of the proposed method of encrypt images show that it has many effective features such as low relations between the pixels of encrypted image, large space key and high sensitivity to key in addition to high security. Therefore, it can be effectively protecting the security of encrypted images.