Implications of violation of Literal meaning in Ibn Al-Zubair's Angel of interpretation


The research revolves around a specific phenomenon in Ibn al-Zubayr (708 AH) in his book The Angel of Interpretation, a scholar of the Andalusian people, linguist, interpreter, and expert in many arts and he has many elders and students, but his most prominent linguist and famous interpreter Abu Hayyan (745 AH) And the interpretation of that in the angel of interpretation, including the appearance of the appearance of the site of the impenetrable, and also the occurrence of the past act the location of the present tense and the purpose of it signifying the realization of the occurrence and from which to mark the feminization of the words in the wrong place and the download of the unreasonable status of the rational and indicative of that Ibn al-Zubayr explained these phenomena an explanation To linguize what God, the Open it.