Applying the areas of social responsibility according to ISO26000: 2010 a Case Study at Baghdad Teaching Hospital in Baghdad governorate


This research aims at contributing in solving a realistic problem ,and to shed light on a host of challenges (problems) facing service organizations (Baghdad teaching hospital) with the application of the principles and dimension of international standard (ISO26000:2010) to the diagnosis of the gap between reality the actual in Baghdad teaching hospital and the ISO requirements 26000. The research also aims to diagnose the attention of (Baghdad teaching hospital) about this vital issue to ensure the achievement of social benefits. The focus on the overall benefit of society, as well as deepen the understanding of the dimensions and the principles of social responsibility and ways applied through the application of special rights of workers to ensure their safety and protect them, are the major concern, since they are considered a resource of the organizations resources. The researcher has used a number of formulas that guarantee the diagnosis of the gap between the standard and the reality of the application at location respondent. The researcher also has used the (check list) for the diagnosis of the reality of the requirements standard (ISO 26000: 2010) site respondent. The study concluded that the is a weakness in the recruitment of some of the dimensions and the principles of social responsibility within the work of the organization. This is due to the lack of awareness- raising in the area of social responsibility and a lack of specialists in the area of their business.