Estimate Different Bioagent as A Biofertilizer with Two Level From Chemical Fertilizer on Wheat Crop Improvement


Different formula of bioagents (Rhizobium cicceri cp-93, Azospirillum sp., Pseudomonas fluorescence, Trichoderma harzianum ) used in this study as a biofertilizer on wheat crop with two level of chemical fertilizer (0 and 12.5 kg/donm Dap) compared to 50kg/donm Dap (standard amount).the study carried out in Iraq/Diyala –Alkhales during November 2014,results showed significant increase in no. of spikes, no. of spikelet’s, length of spike ,Weight of 1000 seed and yield of one m2 when adding (Rhizobium cicceri cp-93,Azospirillumsp+ Trichoderma harzianum +12.5 kg/donm Dap) in comparison with the 50kg/donm Dap. Other formulas recorded same results with the treatment 50kg/Donm Dap with not significant differences except Wight of 1000 seed which recorded significant increased in all formula, while (Rhizobium ciccericp-93,Azospirillumsp+ zero Dap)treatment recorded significant decrease from 50 kg Dap in the most parameters in study.