The Effectiveness of Multi-Media Program on the Achievement and Developing of computer Skills for Tenth grade in Computer Subject


The study aimed to recognize the effect of multi- media program based on systematic Approach on the achievement and developing computer skills for tenth grade female students in computer science through verifying three Null hypothesis,the conducted an experimental design of pre and post test is chosien . the sample is consist of (41) tenth grade female students ,distributed in to experimental group that consisting of (21) students ,and the controlled group consisting of (20) students.To achieve the purpose the researchers conducted two tools , the first tool was achievement test consisting of (65 items) this type of test is (multiple choice) items after facing validity was achieved the test was applied on the exploratory sample included (100) student to found some psychometric properties and reliability of coefficient was found for the test, at the final the test consisting of (52)items.The second tool was checklists of computer skills of skills having (31) items distributed on (5) Main skills , it was exposed to a number of experts and has been achieved its reliability, then the final checklists was (31) items,the researchers has been designed multi- media program which have been designed based on systematic approech using (Camtasia Studio-8) of (16) lessons taught to experimental group, and setting (16) teaching plans for controlled group through traditional methods.The results were as follows: there is a statically significance difference between the mean of both groups in the achievement test, in favor of experimental group ,there is a statically significance difference between pre and post-test experimental group in developing computer skill , there is a statically significance difference between the mean of both groups in the post test achievement, in a favor of experimental group .Based on these conclusions, a number of recommendation and suggestions are presented.