The Role Interactive Marketing in Customers Retention : A study Exploratory in some Hotels in Dohuk city


The current research aims to clarify the role of interactive marketing dimensions in achieving customers retention, due to the importance of the relationship between these two dimensions of the Iraqi organizations environment, particularly hotels organizations as to the need for adoption of the concept by the hotels in order to be able to customers retention, and therefore adopted a research in the field framework the subject of interactive marketing as a variable explaining represented by (turst ,the interaction with the customer, communication , response to compliant customers and service quality) strategies and retention customers as a variable responsive, has developed a scheme Default Search reflects the nature of the correlation and impact of interactive marketing on the one hand and keep the customers on the other hand, resulted in a total of the main hypotheses were tested using a statistical program (Spss.22) of the data collected through the questionnaire for respondents individuals (workers), the research found a set of conclusions, including: there is a relationship and the impact is significant moral dimensions of interactive marketing to achieve to keep customers.