Informative accuracy investigation and updating map using remote sensing technique and GIS


In this work, using GPS which has best accuracy that can be established set of GCPs, also two satellite images can be used, first with high resolution QuickBird, and second has low resolution Landsat image and topographic maps with 1:100,000 and 1:250,000 scales. The implementing of these factors (GPS, two satellite images, different scales for topographic maps, and set of GCPs) can be applying. In this study, must be divided this work into two parts geometric accuracy and informative accuracy investigation. The first part is showing geometric correction for two satellite images and maps.The second part of the results is to demonstrate the features (how the features appearance) of topographic map or pictorial map (image map), Where it is highlight the different features with different scales to know the accuracy of information. Where can be noticed through graphics that features appear very close to each other at a certain scale and become detached at another scale and this problem can be solved by generalization method. Geodatabase in GIS program also have been used as a modern style store all data related to the project in one folder divisions with that data. In addition to storage in a shape file. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) uses Remote Sensing (RS) data for a lot of applications. One of the application areas is the updating of the GIS database using high resolution imagery. Finally, high resolution satellite imagery data is very important to obtain updating map for Kut city by implementation two methods geodatabase and shapefile.