The actions of the guardian in orphan money and its impact on the contracts of financial negotiations


1- Dealing with the orphan's money conditioned with welfare.2- The agent can sell and buy using the orphan's money if it is not favoritism.3- The agent can use the orphan's money in transaction.4- The agent can take some of the gains resulting from transactions.5- The agent can not sell and buy with utter injustice and if he dose , he must guarantee. If ,however , he sells with a lower price or buys with a higher , he should not guarantee.6- The agent can sell the orphan's possessions by offer but he must be careful in order to guarantee the orphan's welfare.7- The orphan's possession can not be mortgaged unless for his own welfare.8- The agent's money can not be lent unless it can be retained.9- The agent can not leud , the orphan's money except what can be luet from his money.10- The ricg agent can not expend from the orphan's money but the poor agent can without being obliged to render it if his position gets better . He can only take what safeguards his food and drink.