The feeling of superiority among some of the higher degree holders in the Ministry of EducationFrom the point of view of school principals


The problem of the current research and its importance on the phenomenon of transcendence among some of the teachers who hold high degrees in the Ministry of Education from the point of view of school principals and this phenomenon is negative social and religiously prohibited, which reflected negative returns at the level of interaction and social relations and have negative implications on the level of student achievement. As well as affect the aspirations of students and their level of science has been noted the weakness of the motivation of many students and the low rates of some due to this phenomenon is incorrect in the educational institution, which is one of the most important institutions in the community, which drain individuals a lot of their physical and moral capacity to reach them to build an honorable future for them and their community because those conflicts Adversely affect the mental orientation of some of the teachers become closed to their experiences, which contradict with what should be enjoyed by the teachers of rational stability and breadth of horizons, flexibility and logical in dealing with the scientific thinking objective away from extremism and cruelty in taking The decisions and responses and be more proactive understanding of themselves and more anxious about the future of their students and move away from the perception of inferiority and intolerant toward others. To achieve the objectives of the research in measuring this phenomenon and to detect the differences of statistical significance for several variables (sex) (male - female) and the specialization (scientific - human) and has been built a measure according to the psychological and educational curricula and the extraction of the stability and honesty are high. The sample size (100) hundred school principals distributed equally (50) fifty managers (50) director and the study found that females suffer more from the phenomenon of transcendence and as a result of the study recommendations and suggestions and most important. - Building a behavioral cognitive program to modify the erroneous responses of educators in education, which are behind the phenomenon of transcendence. - Conducting a more expansive study of this phenomenon, including other variables such as scientific degree and age. Elsewhere