Study of bacterial causative agents of acne and the effect of some antibiotics on them


This study was designed to determine the percentage and the main causative agent causing acne among Iraqi patients aged between 15 to 40 years and complaining from different stages of acne in Baghdad. Results showed that the percentage of infection was 47 % the main causative agents were Staphylococcus spp. including (S.aureus , S. epidermedis) and other than Staphylococcus which includes(Spedomonas , E.coli , Klebsiella and ά-hemolytic streptococci ) .Regarding the age factor ,results showed that the highest infection rate was among the age group (15-20 years ) and (20 -25 years ) (64.89%)and (15.95%)respectively while the lowest was in (25 – 30 years ) and (30 -40 years) (12.76%) and( 6.38) respectively . All bacterial strains isolated from patient were submitted to sensitivity test, results showed various reactions towards different types of antibiotics used in the study.