Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer by Forced Convection in Channel with one-sided Semicircular Sections and Filled with Porous Media


This research presents a numerical study to simulate the heat transfer by forced convection as a result of fluid flow inside channel’s with one-sided semicircular sections and fully filled with porous media. The study assumes that the fluid were Laminar , Steady , Incompressible and inlet Temperature was less than Isotherm temperature of a Semicircular sections .Finite difference techniques were used to present the governing equations (Momentum, Energy and Continuity). Elliptical Grid is Generated using Poisson’s equations . The Algebraic equations were solved numerically by using (LSOR (.This research studied the effect of changing the channel shapes on fluid flow and heat transfer in two cases ,the first: changing the radius (r = 0.25H , 0.5H ,and 0.75H) . and changing the distance between these radiuses (P = 3r, 5r, 7r,and 9r) . also the effect of changing the Reynolds number in (Re=50, 100, 150,and 200) is study .The results showing that the increase in the Radius , the distance between the sections and Reynolds number lead to increase the rate of heat transfer . and the presence of porous media prevents the phenomena of separation and vortex formation in flow.