Determination Micro Spectrohotometric of Pyridoxine Hydrochloride and Nicotinamide via Derivative Spectrophotometry First and Second


A simple, sensitive and accurate spectrophotometric method for determination of PYR.HCl and NTA in pure and pharmaceutical forms. The method based on group of known digital data used to separate the response signals for sample contains the two components without need to separating via first and second derivative of spectra. The method obtained obeying to the Beers law in the concentration range between )5-45 µ for two components in the presence of PYR. HCl )15µ and NTA (5µ with another components at wavelength (210 nm ) respectively . The Rec % range was between ) 98.5354 - 103.4335 % (and RSD% (0.0864 - 0.1487 %), LOD) 1.0822 µ, ( LOQ ( 3.6075 µ (PYR.HCl in presence of NTA, The Rec% range was between )96.1418 - 102.9273 % (and RSD% (0.2165–0.4933 % ), LOD (0.7273µ ,(LOQ (2.4252 µ NTA in presence of PYR. HCl .