Time, Tense, and the Verb Form in Arabic and English: A Contrastive Study


The study of the relationships between the verb-form and tense in connection to both the concept of time and the nature of the denoted action or event represents one of the fundamental aspects of any language. Both English and Arab grammarians talk about such a relationship and seriously intend to account for it. The main points the present study raises are (1) the way both teams of grammarians handle the topic, and (2) the Arab grammarians’ earlier attempts to identify these notions and the descriptive account they have provided for the relationship between such notions. It is hypothesed that:
1.Arabic and English tend to show, according to their grammarians, an agreement in more than one respect of these notions.
2.The descriptive linguistic efforts of the Arab grammarians concerning the identification and description of time, tense, and verb-form have preceded those of the English grammarians.