The physico-chemical properties of southern part of Diyala River water


The present study aimed to assess the water quality status of Diyala River (Iraq).Some physical and chemical properties were studied also the impact of Rustumiya station for sewage treatment. water samples of Diyala River were collected for four seasons through 2015, to examine the following parameters (water temperature, pH, E.C., salinity, T.D.S., T.H., Ca., Mg., T.S.S., D.O., B.O.D., CL, SO4, NO3 and PO4). It observed by the results that the proportions of these variables have exceeded the Iraqi rivers conservation system No, 65 1967, especially at the third station of the River has been affected greatly as posed streams Rustumiya station to the river, which negatively affects aquatic life on one hand and on the farmland on both sides the river on the other hand, where the river water used for irrigation.