Nuggets of Intellectual and Cultural life of the Holy City of Karbala


Abstract The city of Karbala is specialized for a long time. Its history is full of outstanding happenings and serious events since its soil had witnessed one of the most important events; the martyrdom of Imam Al-Husain (P.B.U.H) on 61 A.H. during al-Taf Battle which is counted as one of the most noble epics of martyrdom and redemption.In addition to its holiness, the city containes several groups of intellectual and cultural properties such as religious schools and scientefic institutes from which a larg number of scientists wer graduated. Hence, we have decided to decleare these specifications along the history of this city, especially since the 12th Hijjri century when the schools started to appear in a new face afetr teaching was inside mosques and corridors of the holy shrines only. This research also includes introduction of the most important schools and a summry of each one. It also introduces the most outstanding relegious characters in that period of time and reffering to the shrines, stations, and mosques as well as Hoseyniat. This is just to give a clear picture of the shining history of this ancient city.