A Nonlinear MIMO-PID Neural Controller Design for Vehicle Lateral Dynamics model based on Modified Elman Neural Network


This paper presents a new design of a nonlinear multi-input multi-output PID neural controller of the active brake steering force and the active front steering angle for a 2-DOF vehicle model based on modified Elman recurrent neural. The goal of this work is to achieve the stability and to improve the vehicle dynamic’s performance through achieving the desired yaw rate and reducing the lateral velocity of the vehicle in a minimum time period for preventing the vehicle from slipping out the road curvature by using two active control actions: the front steering angle and the brake steering force. Bacterial forging optimization algorithm is used to adjust the parameters weights of the proposed controller. Simulation results based Maltab package show the control methodology has effectiveness performance in terms of the excellent dynamic behavior of the vehicle model by minimizing the tracking error and smoothness control signals without saturation state obtained, especially when adding a bounded external disturbances to the vehicle model.