Robust Video Watermarking of Hybrid Based Techniques


This paper adopted a new video watermarking scheme based on hybrid transforms to achieve the watermarking requirements, that is, robustness, imperceptibility, and security. Where In our system first of all, the original video will be divided into frames to transform it using the Slantlet Transform into four sub-bands (i.e., LL, LH, HL, and HH). Secondly, The HL sub-band will be chosen for further decomposition using Contourlet Transform (CT), and then the low sub-band of CT will be selected to decompose it to fixed size non overlapping blocks to employ the DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) on each block. lastly, to improve the security and robustness, the watermark logo is scrambled using AT(Arnold transformation ) as a prelude to embed it’s on the each transformed non-overlapping blocks. Experimental results show that the proposed system achieves good imperceptibility and high resistance against various attacks.