Arabic Poetry between Standard and Slang


Numerous trends appeared in the 1970’s such as structuralism, destruction, and transformational generative grammar, as well as the aesthetic reception. The latter differs from one era to another according as the cultural level of this era and that. Accordingly, a different reading is assigned to each era, plentiful criteria relevant to the text come to be along with the extension of reception, the cultural conditions of the environment, the art flavor, and feeling aesthetics. This problem aroused for its self-significance. It is an implicit active affective phenomenon text and reading is a new-fangled live process; text reproduction; and a critic of critic by means of digging deep to the text further depth, finding cohesion and harmony between thinking and its compassion as well as the occasion; environment, the historical effect; and so forth. The receiver might be in a higher level in comparison to the text itself. The outline of this research took place in accordance with its title, The Standard Poetry and the Problem of Reception, flanking the appearance of the duo of the standard poetry and the slang one, or the literary model and the colloquial one depending on the standard dialect and slang ones, in conjunction with the struggle between language and dialect. Subsequently, the questionable threesome parts of the research popped up in line with these duets as introductions and their produced reception. The research would start with a first chapter under the chapter The standard Language and the dialect which is an interface to the third chapter which is Arabic Poetry between Standard and Slang, both chapters are split with chapter II which is about The Modern Poetry Exiled, and the Extent to which Public Is Affected by the Prosody and the Poetical way which the Poet Uses. Receiving and criticizing the poetic text is an aesthetic characteristic added to the elegance of the text itself. However, as long as creativeness is present within the text, frequent readings have had continuously innovated gorgeousness through which one can figure out much more exquisiteness. in literature to improve products, the level of its reception throughout readership and artistic flavor. For this reason, the reader itself be in a harmony with the text via several questions which the critic arouses about the text. Thus, there comes out a multiple answer according to the literary output. The availability of this duet,