The Effect of UV on the Young Modulus of hybrid composite materials


In this work a hybrid composite materials were prepared containing matrix of resin (unsaturated polyester UP) reinforced by different reinforcing materials (Kevlar fiber + Carbon fiber + Boron fiber).The hybrid composite materials prepared are: *H1 = UP + KF(WR) + CF(WR) *H2 = UP + KF(WR) + MF(WR) *H3 = UP + KF(WR) + MF(WR) + CF(WR)All samples related to mechanical tests were prepared by hand lay up moldingprocess.Mechanical tests include young modulus with different exposure times in UV radiation. The mechanical experimentations results were in favour of the samples (H3) with an obvious weakness of the samples (H1) and a decrease of these properties with the increasing of the exposure times in UV radiation.