Desertification and Stalinization in Iraq's economic and raised with particular reference to the province of Basrah, for the period (2004-2015)


Desertification is the degradation of soil in dry and semi-arid areas. It is produced by human activity which is inappropriate and climate change that prevalent in the world in general and in Iraq in particular. The proportion of agricultural land is estimated which suffer from salinization by 50% due to negligence for agriculture and irrigation. Land area which was covered by tree also decline because of the negligence of the previous authorities for this sector. The forests of the north were exposed to damage due to random cut and accompanied by thousands of villages burned . The number of palm trees also declined from about (30) million to about (12) million because of wars, lack of water, agricultural diseases, and neglect. The forests and other plants have become an important factor in environmental degradation and are directed towards drought. The effects of desertification are wide-spread on the living environment and Basrah governate is affected by this phenomenon because of its dangerous dimensions since it is expanding annually in different directions ,as well as their sphere of influence in the environmental and economic situation which continues to expand in Basrah . The research aims to state the environmental and economic impacts of desertification and its forms in Iraq in general and Basrah in particular. Also, ways of treatments and it aims to reduce desertification in the province of Basrah. The research has reached an important conclusion is the need to spread environmental awareness by establishing centers and organizations which are specialized in combating desertification through cooperation between those centers and scientific institutions to reduce the spread of desertification.