The positive impact of the development of flexibility in terms of flexibility in the performance of surplus beating overwhelming Volleyball Youth


One of the main goals of sports training is to try to gain access to the individual athlete to the highest level possible in the type of physical activity practice through the development of various abilities and skills and the qualities and attributes of the individual , whether physical or skill or tactical manner contribute to increase the ability to achieve better levels. Considered the flexibility of the important elements that make up the physical attributes other pillars upon which to build the acquisition and mastering the correct performance of the skills of various sports , and confirms some of the flexibility of the important qualities of the performance of the motor , both in terms of quality or quantity as to contribute significantly to influence the development of features Urdu Kalshjaah and self-confidence , etc., Flexibility is the range and ease of movement in the joints of the body. The degree of flexibility from one individual to another according to the possibilities of anatomical and physiological characteristic of the individual and depends largely on the ability of tendons, ligaments and muscle elongation , and flexibility as a term athlete is called a muscle nor called on the joint , and chewy muscle means the ability to elongation to the farthest possible distance to it. Foregoing highlights the importance of searching through the fact that flexibility is the common denominator in all sporting activities and crystallized their importance in performance skills , so the selection easier and easier ways to develop the flexibility to reach even the minimum required skill as researcher tried reasoning surplus flexibility and choice of exercises that you should start with the development over the movement in the joint training and guidance flexibility towards the goal with the economic time and effort has been concerned with the researcher to find the shortest way to the development of flexibility that serve significantly more skills to the game of volleyball as well as other sporting activities .