The research aims to identify the extent of the use of information technology in the library and the impact of information technology on the level of service provided in the library and the performance of employees in terms of improving the service provided to the beneficiary that, use the survey method and adopted a questionnaire distributed to the research sample, amounting to  47  beneficiaries. The research found a set of conclusions and was the most prominent of the following 1-Most beneficiaries agree that the use of the library for information technology has a significant impact on improving the service provided by them to the library where the overall average for their answers relating thereto 4.05 and the percentage of positive answer 81% 2. The use of information technology helps the beneficiary in the selection of information that meets the needs of reaching the overall average according to the research sample answers 1.032 intensity amounted to answer for users  80.4 underscoring the importance of effective information technology and its role in meeting the needs of beneficiaries.3. The statistical test showed that the results of the provision of counseling services illustrate the use of technology have an impact in improving the services offered by the libraries also provide a number of computers have an impact effective in improving the service desk, where the intensity was the answer users  96.2which shows its importance to the beneficiaries.The most important proposals that were developed as follows 1. The need for the use of information technology in all the library services offered because of their prominent role in the improvement of services and meet the needs of beneficiaries 2. The need to provide counseling services describes the use of information technology for a prominent role, which is to improve the services provided by libraries 3. The establishment of the library to provide a sufficient number of computers which is commensurate with the number of beneficiaries, leading to improve the services provided through the use of information technology