A Realistic Aggregate Load Representation for A Distribution Substation in Baghdad Network


Electrical distribution system loads are permanently not fixed and alter in value and nature with time. Therefore, accurate consumer load data and models are required for performing system planning, system operation, and analysis studies. Moreover, realistic consumer load data are vital for load management, services, and billing purposes. In this work, a realistic aggregate electric load model is developed and proposed for a sample operative substation in Baghdad distribution network. The model involves aggregation of hundreds of thousands of individual components devices such as motors, appliances, and lighting fixtures. Sana’a substation in Al-kadhimiya area supplies mainly residential grade loads. Measurement-based techniques are to be used in estimating the substation load model parameters. The proposed model accounts for the effect of the feeders, the LV- transformers and the compensation devices present in the system. The model validation is evident from calculated results comparison to realistic measured data.