Empirical Relationships Between Index Properties and Compression Indices of Clayey Soils in Al-Nasiriya City


Due to rapid development many projects were adopted in Iraq so need many geotechnical investigations have been done on the soil to know the engineering properties.In order to reach the aim of this research, potential relationships between compression and recompression indices, initial void ratio, and Plasticity indices were investigated.All of the tests were conducted on clayey samples which had been prepared under isotropic pressure conditions which are different from those in the field of southern Iraq.The oedometer test takes a long time to measure the compression of clays. This will lead to a very demanding experimental working program in the laboratory. It has been found that the calculated values of Cr and Cc were affected by physical properties of the clayey soil, the Cr value ranged from 8.3 to 10 % of Cc value. Hence these correlations of compression index from physical properties will help in sparing time and reducing cost during the preliminary investigation for any construction projects.