Preparation of Emulsified Fuel from used lubricating oil


The use of diesel fuel in diesel engines when they run produces large amounts of environmental emitiondue to the high flame tem temperature when combustion also high quantities of used lubricating oilsproduce annually, and the disposal process has caused serious enviro mental problems, so it must purifyto use it againThe aim of this preparation of emulsifier fuel from waste lubricating oil which have several advantagessuch as reduce the gases pollutants emulsion and invests the waste lubricating oil The emulsifierfuel was prep rated from waste lubricating oil after simple physical treatments and surface active agentmaterials with water that necessary for preparation the emulsion ,the prepared fuel used in internalcombustion engine It wase found that ,the optimum condition for preparation are :water percentage10%,the concentrated of surface active agent 0.2% ,the time of mixing 2min, and the mixing rate 4000rpm to produce the emulsion that more stable along time .It was found that ,the specific gravity for emulsifier fuel which has water 10% , 20% ( 0.8730, 0.8754),the rotational viscosity for the same emulsifier fuel was (23.5, 29.4) cp