Evaluation of the skill level of some basic handball skills for players of Iraq and Algeria


Research Summary There is no doubt that the handball game of sports that develop the skill level of its players at the Arab and global level, and Iraq and Algeria from the Arab countries that are interested in handball game because of the broad base of its operators in them. And in order to know the most important differences in the level of skill performance of the players of the two countries in some of the basic skills of handball. The researchers used the comparative approach, in which special tests were determined to assess the skill performance of some handball skills of the players. After applying it to a preliminary sample to verify its validity and validity, it applied to the main research sample consisting of (60) young players representing teams of clubs (Diyala, the army of Iraq) and clubs (Amal Brikha and Ahli from Algeria), and the results of the tests extracted from the application, The results of the research were statistically calculated by the following: No significant differences between the evaluation of the level of skill performance of some of the basic skills of handball between the players of Iraq and Algeria concerned with research.