The effect of special skill exercises in developing the accuracy of scoring stability and movement of football school players aged 14-15 years in football


Abstract The influence of special exercises to develop the skill of scoring consistency and movement of the players career schools Reconstruction 14-15sna football. The study aimed to develop special exercises skill to develop the s coring of stability and movement of the players football school since been chosen Jmoli football school as a sample of research community of football schools in Baghdad was selected 25 players Bamar 14-15 years، including international been chosen (10) player representing the group Experimental and 10 players representing the control group was working experience key for eight weeks at the rate of three units of training per week and through the results، the researcher to the conclusions was that the most important exercises developed by a researcher involved in developing the scoring of stability and movement of the sample and the researcher recommended the application of this exercise on players football schools to develop Altaheda.