Evaluation of some bioactive effect of phenolic compounds in Costus speciosus rhizome extract


This work was evaluated the antioxidant, antibacterial and cytotoxic activity of Costus speciosus rhizomes methanol extract. The FLC analysis showed the presence of five compounds in the methanol extract of C. speciosus rhizomes. These compounds were Quercetin (5.2mg/ml), Rutin (6.02mg/ml), Luteolin, (18.3mg/ml), Kaempherol, (11.34mg/ml) and Coumarin (1.41mg/ml). The maximum antioxidant activity of the extract was at concentration 1000 μg/ml with free radical scavenging activity approximately 67.5%. It was less than standard ascorbic acid 85.5% and Gallic acid 90% with significant difference (p≤0.05), with no significant difference in comparison with standard TBA 68.5%. The IC50 of extract was 3093μg/ml, while the IC50 of ascorbic acid, Gallic acid and TBA were (277.2, 364.5 and 601.3 μg/ml) respectively. The extract revealed influential growth inhibition for all bacteria used in this experiment. The extract was moderately effective at concentration 400 μg/ml of extract with inhibitory activity 50.7 % on MCF-7 cell line and IC50 139.1 μg/ml.