An Improve Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Multi-level of Chaotic Maps and Lagrange Interpolation


Currently no one can deny the importance of data protection, especially with the proliferation of hackers and theft of personal information in all parts of the world .for these reasons the encryption has become one of the important fields in the protection of digital information. This paper adopts a new image encryption method to overcome the obstacles to previous image encryption methods, where our method will be used Duffing map to shuffled all image pixels ,after that the resulting image will be divided into a group of blocks for perform the shuffling process via Cross Chaotic Map. Finally, an image called key image was created by using Quadratic number spirals which will be used to generate numbers of polynomial equations via Lagrange interpolation to perform pixel diffusion.Simulations have been accomplished in order to evaluate the effectiveness of suggested technique, the Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method can supply sufficient security for the confidentiality of images.