The Role of Shape Grammar in Analyzing Architectural Compostion [A study in the Arab-Islamic Palaces]


The shape grammar technique appeared in the seventies of the last century at different levels of knowledge. The application of the technique in architecture focused on two main goals، which have become as approaches: the first is the analytical one[reading and analyzing the architectural antecedent and explore their languages and using them in future designs]، the second is the original designs،[producing novel designs]. Most of researches lacked to clarify the sufficient aspects relating to shape grammar especially the analytical methods with regard of Islamic architecture ، the research problem concentrated on this as stipulated [Lack of sufficient visualization of the role of shape grammar technique in reading and analyzing Islamic architecture]and the objectives are [detect the analytical methods of shape grammar and exploring its synthetic potentials]، The method of solving the research problem consist of three stages ، first establish a comprehensive conceptual framework concentrated on shape grammar technique inside and outside the field of architecture،second :conducting study; in addition the selected sample and the constraint of choosing it were described [ the samples were eight Islamic palaces، four of them belong to the Umayyad era ، and the others to the Abbasid period ]،then identifying the method of measurement.The third: analytical process of the selected samples. Afterwards، discussing and analyzing the results and final conclusions.