The use of cluster differentiation functions of some physical attributes and skills essential to extract the optimal statistical model as an indicator for the classification and selection of youngsters to swim


The importance of research lies in finding or to reach optimal statistical model through which will be reached to private equations from which classification and selection of young players swim. From here it emerged the research problem in the classification process and the selection of players to swim and identified on the basis of the skills they possess in the light of a sophisticated statistical implications depend on statistical equations minute which will provide a basic foundation in the selection process of the players strategy. Since there are no statistical models through which the youngsters in swimming selection. The research aims to achieve a differentiation function of some physical variables and footwork distinctive among young swimmers and through action research and applied to the sample 50 guestrooms Young Player They found statistical model optimization and thus get the most important conclusions which through the use of discriminatory analysis of the variables of physical and skill can be drawn variables, marked by outstanding players on according to the formula contained in the text.And it was able to offset the distinction of ranking students and the percentage of success equation in category (99%)then it was reached statistical model optimization, which was drafted in the form of a linear equation and which can be classified and the selection of players.Key words: selection ... Category .... statistical model optimization.