Find standard scores and levels for fitness tests to accept Female students in the Faculty of Physical Education


Summary of the Arab Research:Despite the existence of standard scores for fitness tests for students, these standards are temporary and invalid over time for the differences of individual differences between them, as most scientific sources in the field of measurement and evaluation to the need to make some adjustments or switch in some cases for tests and criteria after each (3) years because it weakens its quality, as well as for its suitability to the level of changes that occur at the level of the same communities that have been tested, and here lies the problem of research in answering some of the questions:1- Do the new standards give us a scientific measure characterized by honesty and objectivity can be inferred through the evaluation process the level of fitness for students?2-Are the results obtained through physical tests distributed natural distribution among the members of the research sample?3- Are there appropriate and specific criteria that reveal the true level of selection and selection of talent?The research aims to:- Finding standard levels and levels of fitness tests for female students who are accepted for admission to the Faculty of Physical Education, Salahuddin University, Erbil.The researchers used the descriptive method in the survey method to suit the nature of the research. The researchers adopted the deliberate method as the basis for selecting the research society represented by the female students of admission to the Faculty of Physical Education, University of Salahaddin - Erbil for the two academic years 2014-2015 and 2016-2016. ). The sample of the study included female students (432) female students. The researchers used the statistical program (Excel Spss).استنتاجات Research findings:- We have found the grades and standard levels for fitness tests for female students to be accepted in the Faculty of Physical Education in accordance with the existing environment.- The results of the tests were distributed naturally within the natural curve and most of the research sample was at the level of (average and acceptable), except in the test (attachment to the mind) the results of the test were limited between the level (average, acceptable and weak).