Examination of Energy Resolution of Track Detector LR-115 to Distinguish the Various Energies of Alpha Particles (1-4MeV) Using the Wblfit formula Fitting in Matlab Software


This study aims to test energy resolution of the nuclear track detector LR-115 to distinguish the various energies of alpha particles (1-4MeV)that were obtained from radioactive isotope 241Am.This method is based on the relationship between the energy deposited in the material by ionizing particles and the track developed after a well-established chemical process(NaOH,2.5N,60oC). Solid state nuclear track detectors (SSNTD’s) have been used successfully as detecting devices and as a passive system to detect alpha contamination on different surfaces. The resulted tracks are performed with a digital image analysis system (image processing) associated with a PC mathematical processor and the track diameter distribution fitted by wblfit formula. The mean track diameter (D) for each used energy, its width ΔD at full width at half maximum (FWHM)and energy resolution power (ΔE/E)D were measured for each neighboring energies. The results of energy resolution of LR-115 were compared with results of another nuclear track detectors of similar studies at average energy (3.7 MeV).