Evaluation of Common Stocks Using The Fama-French Five Factor Model An Applied Study in The Iraq Stock Exchange


The process of stocks evaluating considered as a one of challenges for the financial analysis, since the evaluating focuses on define the current value for the cash flows which the shareholders expected to have. Due to the importance of this subject, the current research aims to choose Fama & French five factors Model to evaluate the common stocks to define the Model accuracy in Fama& French for 2014. It has been used factors of volume, book value to market value, Profitability and investment, in addition to Beta coefficient which used in capital assets pricing Model as a scale for Fama & French five factors Model. The research sample included 11 banks listed in Iraq stock market which have met the research conditions for the period (2005-2014). Fama & French proved that the revenues are investors' compensation premium for taking the risk and the risk considered in capital assets pricing Model is for the market. Therefore, Fama & French present two additions for the Model for (1992-1993) and 2014 for factors related to the company itself but not the market. The research looks Fama & French additions on capital assets pricing Model to verify the new sample capacity to explain shares revenues through market and company factors, this contributes effectively and efficiently in supporting needed rules and standards to invest money in common stocks in order to achieve batter investment leads to rationalize investors' decisions in market. The research reached to set of conclusions, the most important one that it is possible to rely on Fama& French five factors Model to evaluate the common stocks in Iraq Stock Exchange because this sample can explain the differences in stocks revenues, this proves its ability to cover all risks; therefore, it can compensate the investor for them. The Profitability factor considers as the most prominent factor that affects the stocks revenues in this model which clearly reflects on these stocks and its market value.