The effectiveness of the Physical Education Teachers In-Service Training Programs


Abstract This study attempted to reveal the effectiveness of the in service training programs for teachers of physical education. To achieve this goal a 28- item questionnaire was designed. Ensuring the validity and reliability of the instrument it was applied to a random sample of (78) t members of physical education teachers in the Ajlounv governerate in Jordan. After applying the instrument to the study sample ، the data was analyzed by using the (SPSS). The study showed that the effectiveness of the in-service training programs for teachers of physical education was average for all variables and the instrument of the study as a whole. On the other hand، the study showed that there were no statistically significant differences that could be attributed to the variables of gender، the number of training courses and the educational qualifications. In light of the above findings، the researcher recommended the need for planning the training programs according to the actual needs of the teachers of physical education، and the need that the evaluation process should include the skills acquired from those programs. The researcher also recommended that further studies on this topic should be conducted by applying them top other sectors to identify the reality of in-service training programs of the physical education teachers.