The Effect of Suggested Exercises for Football Goalkeepers in Repelling Penalty Kick and Free Direct Kick


Abstract The study aims at preparing suggested exercises to improve repelling penalties and free direct kicks, then investigating the effect of those exercises. The researcher assumes that those exercises will have a positive effect. The research community included five young goalkeepers from Al Silekh Sport Club. They represent the first class clubs for young age group under 20 years. They constitute about 20% of the clubs in Baghdad and they deliberately represent the experimental group. The researcher used the following planed testes: penalty repelling test, free direct kick repelling test. Those tests validity consistency and objectivity were checked depending on previous studies like S.A. Mahmoud. The data were statistically processed using SPSS. Accordingly, the results were discussed and the study came up with the following recommendations: the suggested exercises have a positive effect on developing plans of repelling penalties and free direct kicks in young football goalkeepers. The use of the suggested exercises also has a positive effect on the sample. The researcher recommended the suggested exercises during daily training units for goalkeepers of under 19 age groups as well as stressing on training goalkeepers at a young age and the existence of specialized young goalkeeper trainers.