The title, the impact of strategies (directing peers and recycling information for the development of creative thinking in learning some of the skills of volleyball


Research Summary A search on the foreground and importance of research as the knowledge explosion underscores the importance of using modern strategies and freedom in teaching and learning and embodied the importance of research in the role of directing peers and rotate the information to learn the scroll from the top and scroll down, transmitter volleyball, and in light of this goal came search to identify the effect of using strategies (recycling information, directing peers) to learn the skill of volleyball, the researcher used the experimental method for suitability nature of the research, either the research community, the students of the fourth stage at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science for Girls and number (66) students and the most important conclusions that directing peers and rotate the information given strategy improvement in the best style of Prince performance, the researcher recommends the need to use modern strategies to increase the concentration and cognitive skills and knowledge