(Affect of exercises random overlop master craftsman style learn skills basketball offensive)


ABSTRACT The offensive skillsIn basketball، is one of the basic principles which are the words of group of movements performed by the player when it is in the case of attack to achieve certain duties of mobility to reach the goal of the rival، drew attention to the use of exercise، the researcher overlap master craftsman to give more than one skill during lab random mwnner، reseach aims to know whether this exercise in this manner in the upgrading of the master craftsman basketball third stage students Faculty of Physical Education & Sciences sport، Mian Universtiy. Researcher used experimental curriculum relevance search problem and ifs objectives. The research community has included the third stage students Faculty of Physical Education &Sciences sport- Mian Universtiy Academic year 2014-2015 out of the (50) students، were selected random sample search the way of the divisions (b)، and (c) of the (40) students، distributed on the two groups waldhabtah pilot rate (20) students per group. Resaearcher used form performance calendar master craftsman to assess skill basketball offensive under search، after obtaining the data processed using the Spss bag. And access the resulte، including the reseacher to the most important conclusions from them; that the exercises overlap master craftsman atyle random positive impact in learn some skills basketball offensive to third stage students in Faculty of Physical Education and Sciences sport- University of Misan. It is recommended that the researcher، including this: the application of exercises overlap master craftsman indisctimenate manner im education basketball skills among students in thier stage in Faculty of Physcal Education and Sciences sport.