Determination of Radon Levels in Vegetables Samples in local Markets Using SSNTDs


In this research, radon levels in vegetables samples that collected from local markets commonly used in Najaf were measured using solid state nuclear track detectors (LR-115 type 2). The results in this research, the average of radon concentrations in samples were ranged from 24.07±9.37Bq/m3 to 162.96±24.51 Bq/m3, while the average of specific activity were ranged from 0.18±0.07 Bq/kg to 1.05±0.15 Bq/kg. It is prove that all vegetables samples under study were lower than the allowed limited by ICRP and it must be used more detector in contained to reduced errors. Al last, can be concluded that no healthy effect duo to radon concentrations in vegetables samples in Najaf according to radiation.