University of Babylon - Faculty of Education for Human Sciences - Department of Geography


Iraq has witnessed many economic and political transformations, which have been reflected in the joints of its economic sectors, and foreign trade is the most prominent of these sectors, so the research came to study the development of Iraq's foreign trade with neighboring countries in both exports and imports and their structures, and to show the extent of dependence and link this economy with the economies of neighboring countries, Iraq has become a major market for receiving its exports, which is represented by a combination of food and non-food commodities, raw materials and industrial goods. Iraq has become a captive of unbalanced trade relations with the Loire, and thus resulted in a lot of structural changes and the emergence of many problems that reflect negatively on the future economic development, so it came to study the reality of trade relations with neighboring countries, and the main problems that emerged from these trade relations throughout the duration of the study 2003-2015m.