Bioeffects of 1.5T Static Magnetic Field on the DNA Strand of Human Leukocytes in Vitroduring MRI Scan


Background: The non ionization of magnetic resonance fields effect sreported with radical pair recombination. Which is one of the familiar methods by which static magnetic felid interact with biological systems. Exposure to static magnetic fields can effect on the paramagnetic free radicals by increasing the concentration, the activity and life time of paramagnetic free radicals, which might lead to genetic mutation, oxidative stress, and in some times with apoptosis.Objective: To estimate the genotoxicity on DNA molecule during expose to static magnetic field 1.5T of magnetic resonance imaging.Patients and Methods: The five blood samples were irradiated to 1.5T static magnetic field at different periods (10,20,30,40,and 50 minutes correspondingly). All exposures were performed at room temperature. Cellular DNA damage had been analyzed by the alkaline comet assay. Results: The results approved a significant increasing in the rate of recurrence of single-strand DNA breaks next to the exposure of a 1.5T of magnetic resonance imaging at 50 min. According to these results the exposure with 3T magnetic resonance imaging encourage genotoxic effects in human lymphocytes could be suggested.Conclusion: To conclude, in the present study, employing alkaline comet assay, it has been demonstrated thatmagnetic resonance imaging- induced DNA damages is significant in leukocytes at 50 minute after exprosure to 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging.