Simulation and Study of Multilevel Inverter System Fed by Photovoltaic Source


This paper proposes a simulation of Photovoltaic energy used to supply an induction motor with a comparison of two types of inverters. In general, the greater number of motors which"are used in commercial and industrial applications are"induction motors. To use PV source to run the induction motor, an interface circuits are used which are a dc-dc"converter and an inverter, the PV cell has nonlinear behavior,"a dc-dc converter is used along with Maximum Power Point Tracker controller to improve the efficiency by boosting the output voltage of the PV module and to match the load demand."The dc output voltage of PV module then"converted to AC, two types of inverter are presented, A conventional Voltage Source Inverter system and multilevel inverter system which employ selective harmonic elimination method fed three phase induction motor, these two types of inverters are simulated using Matlab/Simulink and their results are presented. The FFT spectrum is presented of the output currents to analyze the harmonics reduction, which shows that the"multilevel inverter is better than VSI system"according to harmonics reduction and increment in output voltage and power.