The Role of Iraqi Security Market in Attracting and Directing Investments - A Questionnaire Paper


The paper "The Importance of The Role of Iraqi security market directing Investments/ a questionnaire paper attempts to focus attention on the importance this financial market and their role under the crucial circumstances of Iraq with the continuous drop of oil price and its' affect on the Iraqi state budget which is characterized by abstention. Thus and for the extensive negative effects of the economic situation of Iraq, the researcher attempts to focus attention on the Iraqi capital market and particularly from the perspective of investors to give an opportunity for the market to play their genuine role in the development through attracting and steering investments, particularly small credits of savers which would in sum important investments of economic weight. The aspects of the paper dealt with methodology of paper, capital market, conclusions and recommendations as the following :1.The most significant conclusion is the certainty of Iraqi investors of the importance of the capital market in attracting and directing investments in spite of the current circumstances taking in accont theneed to develop the Iraqi capital market and issuing legislations to support it in addition to the importance of good performance of mediators and the necessity of investment awareness in the market. 2.The recommendations can be put as follows:Employing the certainty of Iraqi investors of the important role of capital market in order to increase the number of investment projects and facilitating market procedures and the necessity of issuing supporting procedures for investment and exchanges and demanding for more skills and experiences to be acquired by mediators and the spread of investment awareness by extending the links between activites of Iraqi market of securities and various media via internet.