Using Smart Card to Pay the Salaries of Retirees - Exploratory Research in Al-Rasheed Bank


The objective of this research is to explain the current usage of smart card at Al – Rasheed bank in paying pensions of retirees as being an application of recent e-banking technologies mechanisms in the Iraqi environment. More over, the extent of acceptance by Iraqi retirees and the influence on the spreed of banking services in the Iraqi environmenthave been studied. A questionnaire was distributed among retirees focussing on their opinions, conceptions and acceptance of the system of smart card by which they receive their pensions.Many important conclusions have been derived from this work, and the most important ones are: -The modern techniques contributes to acheeivement of the goals of the bank. There is a deficioncy in the ules and instructions that organize e-banking activities.The most prominent recommendation was the necessity for laws and legislations to organize modern pay tools in bank and the working on developing smart card services to cover all sectors of the Iraqi society.